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Close Skill Gaps & Align Learning with Business Outcomes

Assess behaviours & traits
Assess demonstration of skills
Assess logic & reasoning
Personalise Learning

To address skill gaps
To build competencies
To develop capabilities
To build a community

Increased productivity
Increased business agility
Lower cost of manpower
Employee fulfilment
Cut Curriculum Development time from 6 months to 6 minutes and reduce cost of development by 85%
Empathy Mirror creates hyper-personalised simulations of work by allowing learners to express their learning needs verbally and creating a video simulation of work that assesses them on their skills.
Automated generation of assessment rubric to assess learner’s specific learning needs
Automated generation of dialogues to assess skills
Generate new simulations with automated voice-cloning and lip-syncing
Infinitely Scalable - Assess Readiness for Work, Any Work
Empathy’s NLP engines automates curriculum development while personalising the acquisition of skill and knowledge.
Create and deliver instructions and assessments for any work, in any industry, in a fraction of the time while leveraging on AI simulations to assess your employees’ competencies so that they are always ready for work.

Increase Productivity

Identify Success Indicators Identify success indicators and business goals and track your progress towards them in Empathy Insight
Align Learning with KPIs Empathy Insight makes aligning employee development with your KPIs easy and transparent
Identify Risks & Opportunities Empathy Insight's powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics provides you with operational recommendations based on your employees' streghts and weaknesses.